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Custom Vents, Decking, Brackets, Hog Penning

And much more, built to order.

S3 Building Solutions is your carpentry partner for exterior trim for the main structure, garages and service yards. It’s all part of our complete, turnkey solution.

Carpentry Jobs We Do:

Custom Vents

Functional or faux-functional vents for gables

Deck Boards

All horizontal decking


Decorative brackets, corbels and gable pediments custom-built to specifications

Hog Penning (Crawl Space Venting)

Attractive foundation fencing for your traditional Lowcountry look

Service Yard Fencing

Fencing options to surround AC units and other exterior equipment

Shed Roofs

Onsite shed roof and trellis fabrication above garage and door openings


Decorative or structural columns available in a wide variety of styles

Railing Systems

Railing for porches, patios, decks, balconies and virtually any exterior structure

Commercial Exterior Trim Carpentry

We have provided carpentry work for many Lowcountry commercial buildings. Ask us about commercial applications for our carpentry services.

exterior trim carpentry
exterior trim carpentry

Turnkey Siding and Gutters
Local Lowcountry Service


S3 Building Solutions is here to stay. Learn more about us through the link below.

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