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Meet Your S3 Field Operations Team

You might recognize them as your friends and neighbors. Or, you might have seen them working at a building site just down the street. When it comes to your project, these are the folks who get it done.

Field Supervisors

cristian candea construction manager

Cristian Candea, Construction Manager

With 10 years of construction management experience, Cristian is a strong leader and excellent communicator you’ll love working with. He is a trusted decision maker for S3 and is a level-headed, critical thinker in field decisions. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Millersville University. Cristian is a Veteran of the U.S. Army, married, and a proud dad to 4 awesome pups.

chase barley production manager

Chase Barley, Production Manager

When you’ve got a problem to solve ASAP, you want someone inventive who thinks fast on their feet. That’s Chase. He draws from 20 years of experience in building exteriors to answer all your fiber cement and vinyl siding questions. Chase is a key contributor in product selection, and you will find him to be a knowledgeable field asset. Chase is married to Alasha and has 4 beautiful children.

randy baker field supervisor

Randy Baker, Field Supervisor

Randy brings over 30 years experience and has expertise in many aspects of residential construction, however service is his niche. His dedication, communication, and organization skills combined with meticulous attention to detail ensures that every job is done perfectly. Randy will quickly become an integral part of your project and a valued relationship you can count on. Randy is happily married with two beautiful daughters.

nick evans field supervisor

Nick Evans, Field Supervisor

Nick is a retired veteran who served over 21 years in the US Army. Nick now applies his leadership, logistics and training skills to our production siding operations. Having joined S3 in 2021, Nick has acquired a strong siding skill-set and he has rapidly advanced to a supervisory role with the company. Nick’s strong organizational skills, professionalism and attention to detail serve him well as he provides consistent service and support to our customers. Nick is married with two children.

peter kent field supervisor

Peter Kent, Field Supervisor

Peter has extensive experience in the construction industry. His experience ranges from working for home builders to running his own company. Peter emphasizes clear and timely communication with his customers and his witty sense of humor quickly puts everyone at ease while working through the issues of the day. With excellent leadership and communication skills, Peter is a strong member of the S3 team and integrates well with our builder partners’ field personnel to efficiently complete their projects. He and his wife are avid golfers and live in the Bluffton area.

john casey assistant field supervisor

Josh Casey, Assistant Field Supervisor

Josh is exactly who you want on your team. He has earned his Supervisor role by learning every task we have at S3, showing solid leadership and having an excellent work ethic. With over 11 years experience in general construction, Josh is our go-to specializing in residential gutter systems. He is a dog dad to the lovely Daisy who was rescued by one of our crew members.

Field Technicians

field technicians

Our field technicians personally handle your specialty needs such as gutters and screening, finalize any details on your punch list and perform any work needed post-installation.

Office Staff

carrie culbertson office manager

Carrie Culbertson, Office Manager

Often your first point of contact at S3, Carrie has over 30 years of office management and customer service experience. She is very dedicated and organized and always provides quality service to our S3 customers. She will get your questions answered! She is married with a son, daughter-in-law, and an awesome grandson.

alasha barley administrative assistant

Alasha Barley, Administrative Assistant

Alasha finds herself performing all sorts of administrative tasks around S3. She might answer the phones, or make spreadsheet or decorate the offices, or even plan a party, but she is definitely your point of contact for Warranty! All S3 Warranty schedules are administered by Alasha. She is always smiling and brings the fun!


skip and sandi shineman principals

Skip and Sandi Shineman, Principals

Turnkey Siding and Gutters
Local Lowcountry Service


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